Three Firsts for our Youngest Boy …

Wow … sure has been a little while since my last post – definitely not a lack of things happening … just been a busy Spring in our household.

Our youngest boy, Liam (6 years old), has celebrated some special  “firsts” over the last few weeks that I want to share:


Liam lost both front teeth within the span of a week … the “Tooth Fairy” was extra kind this time around!


After a lot of perseverance, Liam learned how to ride his bike – this great machine was passed down to him from Kyle (12) and Aaron (9).



Two weeks ago, Liam joined his first sport’s team (Guelph Minor Soccer Association) and scored his first 2 goals last week in his first game. We think he has found his sport!

In some ways it is a bit sad to know that we are celebrating these firsts for the last time with our youngest boy. Our three boys are all growing up so fast! We need to cherish and celebrate these special moments in our children. What a gift they are from God. Until next time … (and I promise my next posting will be a lot sooner this time 😉  TD

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