The Music - Trevor Dick Band CD Cover

New World: The Music

New World is interesting, experimental, and improvisational. It is complex music, yet accessible to the average listener. We plan to perform this music internationally at Folk, Jazz, Blues and World Music Festivals.

We were fortunate to be able to record the bed tracks of this album live off the floor at Noble Street Studios, a renowned state of the art space in Toronto, Canada. 

Overdubs were tracked later in our home studios. The project was engineered, mixed and co-produced by Richard Cleaver. He has also served as a Judge with the Canadian Juno awards and has built a reputation for doing whatever it takes to capture sound with excellence. Finally, it was mastered by Juno Award winning Engineer, George Seara.

Amazing, fresh, exciting things can happen when collaborating fully as a team. We saw this with New World as we worked together at a deeper level and pooled our ideas, musical skills and experience. The project was a long 3-year journey. The process, however, proved to be as fulfilling as the final product.

The music on this album also represents that sense of excitement, adventure, vision and sacrifice – when our forefathers and mothers left the “Old World,” got on a ship and sailed into the unknown, in faith and discovered the New World.  That’s what this album is all about –  that longing for adventure, that sense of creativity, the drive to explore new territories with reckless abandon.

We live in an incredible World, full of wonder, beauty, ugliness, sanctity, mystery, complexity and brokenness.

Deep down, this music also comes from a place of faith and hope in a new, restored World.

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