The Complexity of Mixing | Behind the Scenes with Engineer, Richard Cleaver on NEW WORLD

Many of us have absolutely no idea what goes on “behind the scenes” in mixing a CD project. Engineer genius, Richard Cleaver, has produced a very informative video of the intricate process he is undergoing right now in mixing the NEW WORLD CD project. Richard says:

“Although I don’t talk about the editing part specifically in [this] video, it is not unusual to spend several weeks per song on pre-production, bed tracks, overdubs and edits before the song is ready for mixing.

Once a song is ready for mixing, I may spend up to three days working on the mix. For the project in the video, each version of the mix is released to the team for feedback and another round of mixing takes place until we have a version that gets signed off. Once signed off, I hand over the pre-mastered version of the final mix to the mastering engineer”

The video also includes a “sneak peek” of two songs from the new album: “East of Sinai” (T. Dick) and “Change the World” (Eric Clapton). This video will be of particular interest to all those audio tech junkies out there! Enjoy! T

To read more on the making of this video link here.

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