Artist, Tina Newlove, Commissioned for New “Yahweh” CD Artwork

I am very pleased and excited to announce that award winning artist and painter, Tina Newlove, has been commissioned to do the artwork for the new “Yahweh” CD Project.  I really appreciate her art  (the humanity and the Divine in it).

I met with Tina yesterday to give her a CD (a rough music mix) and discuss the concept of the project and ideas for the commissioned painting. While listening to the music, she will paint with acrylic and oil to depict “Yahweh” using the following working definition:

“to be, to become … the Eternal, self-existent “I AM” who brings all things into being. Master, sovereign Ruler, and covenant-keeping Mighty God, the One that was, that is, that is to come”.

Many of you will remember Tina from the Glory and Peace Tour where she portrayed each concert through her amazing live performance painting. It is such an honour to partner with her on this new project. This is a creative departure from the typical CD artwork and will make this new project a real “art-piece” beyond the music.



With Tina Newlove in December 2008 after a Glory and Peace concert in Toronto with her live performance “depiction” of that evening’s event.