Good Change … and Renewed Vision

CHANGE – “Looking forward to and valuing change, continuous improvement, doing things differently”

This has been the John Maxwell “Developing the Leader Within You” leadership word/thought of the week card that has been sitting on my desk over the last three weeks.  I periodically shuffle through this deck of cards (a key leadership characteristic each week) to remind me of important leader qualities that I need to embrace … and it most certainly has been a time of change, visioning and moving forward as a ministry … and in my personal/family life.

Yes, I am sure you have noticed … the pages of this blog have been silent for quite some time … “silence” here though most often means that a lot is going on – too much for me to have time to write about! – but alas, I have 30 minutes or so to throw down a few thoughts and updates right now so here goes:

I have taken the opportunity during the typical “down time” in my performance ministry schedule over January 2012 to dig in and drive some important next steps of Branding Flyingbow Music Ministry. Over the last few weeks, I have worked through a Branding Questionnaire given to me by Eric Silveira from Lucid Media which has helped me (with the help of key influencers) to more clearly define the vision and direction of the ministry. This has been a grueling but rewarding process to work through. It is fairly easy to define a ministry in a sentence, but how about in three words … or one word?!

This has also been a time of personal reflection … examining my personal mission statement in a series at our home church of Lakeside along with a men’s study group I am a part of on Friday mornings. Yesterday, I completed a two hour “Servants By Design” Inventory as a part of this study. Here is the outcome in diagram from that:

I’ll let you decipher this!

Actually, this has been the best personality assessment tool I have ever done. It has clearly defined and affirmed for me the core strengths of my personality, my talents and abilities in incredible detail. I am more clearly discovering: How I have been wired by God, how I go about doing things, the lens through which I view life and what makes me come alive.

Le-Anne and I decided last week to also start the process of writing a Family Mission Statement which has been a valuable exercise to more clearly define what we are all about as a family and give us more laser focus.

As you can tell … lot’s of evaluation going on! Maybe this is all a part of the typical New Year’s Resolution mind-set, but my prayer is that whatever time I have left on this earth will be used in a way that will make a difference for eternity. This is the ultimate goal in all of this. May it result in good change and renewed vision.

Until next time …