“Vintage” vs. “Modern” Pedal Shootout

Last week, I released an interesting “Vintage” vs. “Modern” shootout between the Roland (pre-BOSS) Phase II versus the Strymon Mobius Phaser. Here is the video:

It really is incredible HOW GREAT some of these older pedals sound! The Roland certainly gives the Mobius a run for its money! I was so intrigued by the Phase II and got so much interest in the various electric string and guitar forums I am a member of, that I decided to demo the pedal in a little more detail here. Please like these videos and leave your comments …

(Disclaimer: The Roland Phase II was not actually USED by the Beatles and Hendrix, as I mentioned in my intro. It came out a little after but was modeled on the early vintage sound of the phasers of that era used by these players)

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