Teaching in the new Studio + a Christmas Video Clip

The push over the weekend on the teaching and recording studio has enabled me to start teaching in the new space. A big thank you to my friend Andre who has loaned me his Air Gun and Compressor this week to get the trim and baseboards on … next step – the trim and baseboards on the entrance-way and waiting area and bathroom and final installation of wall plates and studio station inputs. Here are a few pics from the first day of students in the studio on Tuesday … I must say the acoustics in the new space are really excellent, clear and lively … and very sound proof.


Listening to James play in the new studio during his lesson



Jamming with the Tuesday night celtic group (photos – Kyle Dick)

One of the things on my January to do list was to clean off my computer desk top, archive some files … you know … some basic computer “house cleaning” … and I came across these .AVI files that were shot from the orchestra pit by Will Jarvis (bass player in our band) during the Moncton “Tree” this Christmas. Thought I would post the clips on YouTube. Here is the finale of “O Holy Night” with opera singer, Carol Leger:

[youtube 5Mfu58DrYsk]

For more YouTube clips link here. Until next time. TD

Studio Renovations … Slow … but steady progress.

Alas … progress on the studio is taking a long, long time (I am having to be patient) … some rain last week delayed the back studio entrance way, but yesterday the stairs were built and the door roughed in, so that was great. I roughed in the interior framing up to the doorway just hours ago, so here are a few snap shots of the last couple of weeks – up to today …


Pouring the cement walls for the basement walk-out studio entrance


A wider angle of the damage … no turning back now!


The cement forms have come off and the walls are being wrapped and water-proofed


Drainage (tied into weeping tile) and foam (to protect against frost) is put in the entrance floor before the floor is poured


The outside stairway is installed


From the basement studio interior (3 hours ago) … the door and entrance framing is now roughed in

Studio Renovations – Cutting out the Viewing Window

This week, the main item on my agenda is to rough in my new basement teaching/pre-production recording studio. I have decided to put in a 24″x 40″ viewing window between the studio and our family room so I can use the family room to create some sound isolation to record students or the 5th String BLVD. Band rehearsals. Now is the time to be thinking of all the possible ways the two rooms will be used. Here are a few pics …


Cutting out the viewing window opening – studs and all … I love my sawzall! I have taken down many walls with this great tool …


Kyle holds the wall on the family room side, vacuum in hand, while I make the final cuts in the studio.


The section of wall slides out …


Mission accomplished!

Basement Studio Renovations – “Deconstruction”

Yesterday, I got started on some renovations (with the help of Kyle, Aaron and Liam) in the basement of our new home to put in a new teaching/pre-production recording studio. Demolition or “deconstruction” is always lot’s of fun! Each boy took a turn at smashing a hole in the drywall or knocking out a wall stud. Here are some pictures of the damage so far:


Liam looks at the area where an old bedroom closet was …


View from the opposite direction … the window to the left will be enlarged to allow more light in and bring the basement up to code.


Same view as photo #1 (standing with Aaron) after we removed the bathroom wall and shower stall to add another 60 square feet to the studio space. The hallway to the left will be the new entrance to the studio through a basement walkout that we have just received a permit from the city to start.