The “World Music Project” LAUNCHED this weekend!

The “World Music Project (WMP)” LAUNCHED this weekend!  Here is a little of the “back-story” from my perspective:

Approximately a year ago, I received a Facebook message from Jesús Cabrera, a young Dominican Film Composer/Musician/Producer now living in New York. He had seen some Youtube footage of me performing “Change the World” and was inviting me to be a part of a very unique collaboration of musicians from all over the world to produce a video of a song, “I Have A Dream”,  where each musician was to be featured on their instrument/voice. Each artist was sent the chart and basic bare-bones .mp3 of the song to play/song over and contribute to. Recording happened in professional and home recording studios … then each musician shot some video footage near a monument or location that represented their country.

Honestly, I entered this as a bit of a skeptic … a social media message out of the blue – a lofty dream of pulling together 30+ musicians globally to record a song – was this for real? …  what could come of this? I was also quite busy completing the Trevor Dick Band – NEW WORLD Project. Could I commit the time to this? I had lot’s of questions as did many others … but as we collaborated (encouraged by persistent messages from  Jesús) discussed and ironed out the details of the project (completely over a private Facebook group/forum) all the details were ironed out and the song slowly took shape.

I was invited early on in the project – so was quite involved and engaged in the full process from beginning to end. As I jumped in and recorded my string parts (on acoustic and 5-string electric violin/viola) I could see how others also jumped in.  On a trip to Ottawa (to visit Carleton University with my son, Kyle and family) Aaron and Kyle helped me shoot the video footage on Parliament Hill using my iPhone 5s.  Two other Canadians are featured in the project: Navid Goldrick (Oud, Alberta) and Richard Cleaver  (Audio Engineer, Ontario).  Richard (who has engineered my last three projects) did a another wonderful job mixing and mastering the project. You can read more of his perspective here.

WMP truly took on an exciting life of its own. Is it perfect … no … but there is truly something special about it – a young man who had a vision saw it come to life through persistence and collaboration with musical brothers and sisters from around the world.  It was a real honour to be a part of this. Here is the official video. My solo happens at 5:41.

As the web site describes it:

One World
One Song
One Sound
One Heart

The WORLD MUSIC PROJECT is a collaboration of musicians from all over the world, playing a whole variety of common and rare instruments, working together on one song.

Together, they hope to show how music, creativity and love can unite us as a people, beyond boundaries of geography, culture and language.


The Complexity of Mixing | Behind the Scenes with Engineer, Richard Cleaver on NEW WORLD

Many of us have absolutely no idea what goes on “behind the scenes” in mixing a CD project. Engineer genius, Richard Cleaver, has produced a very informative video of the intricate process he is undergoing right now in mixing the NEW WORLD CD project. Richard says:

“Although I don’t talk about the editing part specifically in [this] video, it is not unusual to spend several weeks per song on pre-production, bed tracks, overdubs and edits before the song is ready for mixing.

Once a song is ready for mixing, I may spend up to three days working on the mix. For the project in the video, each version of the mix is released to the team for feedback and another round of mixing takes place until we have a version that gets signed off. Once signed off, I hand over the pre-mastered version of the final mix to the mastering engineer”

The video also includes a “sneak peek” of two songs from the new album: “East of Sinai” (T. Dick) and “Change the World” (Eric Clapton). This video will be of particular interest to all those audio tech junkies out there! Enjoy! T

To read more on the making of this video link here.

Day 5 at Noble Street – “It’s a Wrap!”

Day 5 at Noble Street Studios saw us work on some bass, piano and guitar overdubs/edits and record an “interlude” full band song clip called “Where Two Oceans Meet”  that will appear somewhere on the New World CD as joining material.

Everyone on the team were exhausted by the end of the week but exhilarated. As we listened through the “keepers” during the editing sessions I think it really began to sink in how much had been accomplished over the week and the great playing that had been captured off the Noble Street floor. This is going to be a special album – a “New World” of music for us and our audiences.

A big thank you to everyone on the team who worked so hard made this week happen so smoothly: The Technical Crew – Richard Cleaver (Recording Engineer), Josh Cleaver (Session Administrator “Minute-taker”), Kevin O’Leary (Noble Street Assistant Recording Engineer) and Trevor Anderson (Studio Session Assistant).   The Band – Steve Heathcote (Drums), Will Jarvis (Bass), Brad Toews (Piano) and Tony Lind (Guitar). I would also like to thank Noble Street Studios for making us feel so at home in their world-class facility. It was truly a wonderful, warm sounding space to record and be creative. Here is a group shot of the full team!

The New World “Dream Team” (from left to right): Trevor Anderson (Noble Street Session Assistant), Kevin O’Leary (Noble Street Assistant Recording Engineer), Steve Heathcote (Drums), Brad Toews (Piano),  Richard Cleaver (Recording Engineer), Trevor Dick (Violin), Will Jarvis (Bass), Tony Lind (Guitar) and Josh Cleaver (Session Administrator “Minute-taker”)

Day 4 at Noble Street

Another great day today at Noble Street Studios. We again met our goals with the tracking of three final songs: “Quito Market”, “Celebration” and “Schindler’s List”. The main tracking is now complete with a total of twelve songs (recorded since Monday). Tomorrow, our final day at Noble Street, we will do some final overdubbing of Bass and Piano plus some tracking of some “interlude” material that will be used between tracks of this concept album.

I truly am honoured to work with such an amazing band. They have been digging really deep and giving their best with this new material geared for a Jazz, Folk and Blues Festival audience. The world music on the album will also be readily accepted by international audiences around the world through our charity work with Flyingbow. We have also had a wonderful time working once more with engineer extraordinaire, Richard Cleaver. Richard is a rare talent and great friend!

Here are some photos of the “dream team” in action (photography: Richard and Josh Cleaver):

Richard Cleaver (engineer). Visit Richard’s Blog here.

Steve Heathcote (kit)

Will Jarvis (bass)

Tony Lind (guitar)

Brad Toews (keys)

Trevor Dick (violin)

A rare shot of the full band at work (deep in thought) in the Studio A Control Room

“New World” Project at Noble Street Studios

Tomorrow we have our final rehearsal in my home studio before entering  Noble Street Studios in Toronto next week with engineer, Richard Cleaver, to record the bed tracks of our next CD: “New World”.

The primary purpose of Noble Street Studios is to provide the best music recording environment possible for musicians and producers in downtown Toronto.

It is hard to believe that we are here once more as a band …

As many of you know, we have been hard at work over the last year writing, arranging, rehearsing and charting the material for this recording project. Honestly, the process has been grueling and exhausting at times – but rewarding as we have persevered, tweaked, sifted and seen the vision and material for the album take shape.  I am really excited to see how the new songs come to life at Noble Street.

Above all, we are truly thankful and humbled for this opportunity to once more record in one of Canada’s premiere studios –  another gift to us by a generous Flyingbow donor.

Noble Street Studio A – Main Live Room (above) and Control Room (below). This will be our home for 5 days starting May 27/13.

Congratulations to George Seara for his Juno win :: Recording Engineer of the Year!

The Flyingbow Ministry team and I would like to congratulate George Seara for his Juno win last night for Recording Engineer of the Year! Richard Cleaver, Brad Toews and I had the honour of working with him at Phase One Studios in the Mastering of our 2010 Canadian GMA Covenant Award winning CD release of YAHWEH. You can read my original blog posting here. George played a integral role in the final sound and success of this project. He is not just a great engineer but also a really nice guy! Here are a few pictures of George “in action” at Phase One. Until next time. T

From left to right: Brad Toews, Trevor Dick, George Seara and Richard Cleaver

Congratulations, George!

Today’s Final Two Free Christmas Downloads :: “Little Drummer Boy” and “O Holy Night”

Happy Christmas Eve!

On this eve of Christmas 2010, I leave you with two final complementary downloads – one from each of the double Glory & Peace CD set: O Holy Night from PEACE and Little Drummer Boy from GLORY. As I post these, I have been reflecting on the words of these classic carols and a few verses from the Bible that I encourage you to read and apply to your lives where you are at today:

She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins. All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”). (Matt. 1:20-23 – NIV)

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. (Hebrews 12:1-2 -NIV)

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” (Matthew 11:28-30 – NIV)

Glory to God in the heavenly heights, Peace to all men and women on earth who please him” (Luke 2:14 – Message)

When we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we must not forget the real reason why Jesus came. He did not come to create a nice Christian holiday called Christmas for us to give and receive presents and drink eggnog- although this is all really nice. He came to live a radical, counter cultural, anti-religious life of love and servant hood. This was displayed in every part of His time on earth from His humble, quiet birth into poverty to his scandalous life as a leader of a group of misfit disciples, to His constant challenges of the “religious leaders” of His day. The reality is, He WAS Immanuel “God with us” and we passed Him by and nailed Him on a cross. This Christmas and this coming New Year I have resolved to know this Jesus better: the one that would show such love and grace that He would go to the cross for me. I admire this man. I want to pattern my life after Him. I want to take His “yoke upon me” and “learn from Him”. I believe He was who He claimed to be: the Son the living God: The “King of Glory” and bringer of true Peace! I want to “fix my eyes on Him” and make Him my focus each day.

Little Drummer Boy
Come they told me … Our newborn King to see … Our finest gifts we bringTo lay before the King … So to honor Him … When we come …

Little Baby … I am a poor boy too … I have no gift to bring … To lay before the King … Shall I play for you … On my drum?…

Mary nodded … The ox and lamb kept time … I played my drum for Him … I played my best for Him Then He smiled at me … Me and my drum…

O Holy Night
O holy night, the stars are brightly shining; it is the night of the dear Savior’s birth! Long lay the world in sin and error pining, till He appeared and the soul felt its worth. A thrill of hope, the weary soul rejoices, for yonder breaks a new and glorious morn.

Led by the light of faith serenely beaming, with glowing hearts by His cradle we stand. So led by light of a star sweetly gleaming, here came the wise men from Orient land. The King of kings lay thus in lowly manger, in all our trials born to be our friend!

Truly He taught us to love one another; His law is love and His Gospel is peace. Chains shall He break for the slave is our brother and in His Name all oppression shall cease. Sweet hymns of joy in grateful chorus raise we, let all within us praise His holy name!

Fall on your knees, O hear the angel voices! O night divine, O night when Christ was born! O night, O holy night, O night divine!

HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY TOMORROW!  Take some time away from the busyness of the day to thank Jesus for what He has done. May we all truly experience the reality of His  Glory & Peace this Christmas and into 2011. May we give Him our all!


GLORY :: “Little Drummer Boy”
PEACE  :: “O Holy Night”

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Corrado Giaquinto – Adoration of the Magi

I want to gratefully acknowledge the amazing work of the following people who enabled the Glory & Peace project to become a reality:

The 5th String Blvd. Band :: Brad Toews, Corey Lacey, Will Jarvis and Steve Heathcote for their beautiful artistry and friendship

Richard Cleaver – Whisper Wood Studios :: Engineering and Mixing

Inaam Haq – Cherry Beach Sound :: Mastering

Russ Salamon – Salamon Photo Works :: Photography

John McDonald – Compassion Canada :: Artwork, Layout and Design

YAHWEH receives 2 Canadian GMA Covenant Awards

It was truly an honour last month to hear that YAHWEH was nominated for 5 Canadian GMA Covenant Awards in the following categories:

1. CD/DVD Artwork Design of the Year
2. Jazz/Blues Song of the Year (The Path)
3. Instrumental Song of the Year (Passion)
4. Instrumental Album of the Year
5. Classical – Traditional Song of the Year (Interlude: The Calling)

Well … while wrapping up the 8-Day Robin Mark Tour, we learned the good news last Friday evening  that YAHWEH took home two of these awards:

Instrumental Album of the Year
Instrumental Song of the Year  – “Passion”

Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the awards ceremony in person, but Elizabeth and Kip Sharpe attended in my place as representatives of the Flyingbow Board of Directors. Here are the speeches they read in Calgary:

Instrumental Song of the Year  – “Passion” :: Kip Sharpe, Director of Ministry Partnerships with Flyingbow made this speech:

Trevor Dick could not represent Flyingbow Music Ministry tonight because he is on the 7th night of an 8-day tour with Robin Mark in Ontario. My name is Kip Sharpe and I am the Director of Ministry Partnerships with Flyingbow of which Trevor is an artist. Flyingbow Music Ministry is a not for profit organization that missions the gospel to Canada and around the world though its music missionaries of which Trevor is one. This year we were awarded charitable status which sets us up to do more mission work through partnerships with other artists who desire to become part of Flyingbow. Passion was written as a heart cry of the things in life that drive us – those things that God has given us a uncontainable passion for – that we keep this burning flame alive and stay true to His will and desire for us in our art.  Flyingbow Music Ministry, Trevor Dick and the Creative Team would like to thank the Gospel Music Association for the honour of this award.

Instrumental Album of the Year :: Elizabeth Sharpe, chair of the Flyingbow Board made this speech:

Trevor would like to recognize the great team that made this album possible: The 5th String Blvd. Band members: Steve Heathcote (drums and percussion), Will Jarvis (bass), Brad Toews (keyboards) and Corey Lacey (guitar); The Creative Team: Richard Cleaver (Recording Engineer), Phase One Recording Studios, Tina Newlove (Artist), Joe Stevens (Graphic Design) and the Flyingbow Ministry Board of Directors for their wisdom and support. The creative process of producing this album was truly amazing. We give all the praise and Glory to Yahweh, the eternal, indescribable God and master Artist who spun this universe into motion and gave us these gifts to give back to Him.

You can see the complete list of winners of the Canadian GMA Covenant Awards here. It is a real blessing to be recognized by the Gospel Music Association in this way.

Until next time,  ><>  Trevor



Trevor and Band release their much anticipated “Yahweh” CD on the weekend of February 5-6, 2010

Trevor Dick and the 5th String BLVD. Band (Brad Toews, Corey Lacey, Will Jarvis & Steve Heathcote) officially release the HARD COPY of their much anticipated “YAHWEH” CD and also reveal Tina Newlove’s commissioned painting which became the artwork for the CD.

Every attention to the highest quality production was attained in the recording of “YAHWEH”. Here are some of the details …

Recorded by veteran Audio Engineer, Richard Cleaver, at the world renowned 1500 sq. ft. PHASE ONE (Studio A) through a vintage Neve Board, the recording has a depth and warmth unparalleled in previous projects. Trevor states:

“we have set a new standard for ourselves both in our playing and the quality of the recording captured on this project … it is truly special. It was also a real honour to work with Richard Cleaver once again after such a great partnership on the Glory and Peace album  … ”

RICHARD CLEAVER is a passionate audio engineer with over thirty years of experience in recording and live sound. He has worked on hundreds of projects over the years and in many of the top flight recording studios in Toronto and Nashville. He has served as a judge for the Canadian Juno Awards, actively developed Canadian musical talent in contemporary Christian music and taught audio engineering and recording techniques. With a keen musical ear and a relentless focus on quality, Richard has built a reputation for doing whatever it takes to capture sound with excellence.

The project was also Mastered at PHASE ONE (Studio C) by award winning GEORGE SEARA.

A musician and lifelong recording enthusiast, George has quickly become one of Toronto’s leading Mix and Mastering Engineers. He works in all genres of music and happy recent clients include Rihanna, Mos Def, Holly Cole, 50 Cent, Sting, Herbie Hancock and Finger Eleven. George’s musical ear and astute attention to detail has aided him to grace the way between the recording studio and the mastering room. Recent mastering works include Anne Murray,  John McDermott and U2.

[youtube KQL9w7ExWMw]

Recording at Phase One Studio A with Richard Cleaver

[youtube 018B6E0sVvg]

Mastering at Phase One Studio C with George Seara


You may Pre-Order the “Yahweh” CD. All pre-orders will be shipped off immediately on the Feb.5-7 weekend and following weeks. Credit card payments will not be processed until your CD is in the mail to you. You can also make arrangements to pick up your copy IN PERSON during the BIG RELEASE WEEKEND.

You may place your order by CALLING: 519-837-3571 or EMAILING:

VISA, MASTERCARD, CHEQUE AND CASH accepted. Cost: $20 per unit (plus $2.50 shipping & handling per unit).

You may also request to have your CD signed by Trevor.

All ONLINE ORDERS and DOWNLOADS will be available on CD Baby, iTunes (+ at least 14 other electronic sites) by March 1/2010.

Visit the official FACEBOOK PAGE for regular updates.

PLEASE HELP US SPREAD THE WORD. Thank you so much for your support!

Watch for the YAHWEH CD Release Party and Tour later in 2010.

We Mastered the “Yahweh” Project Today …

We Mastered the “Yahweh” Project today at Phase One – Studio C. We had the great honour of working with chief engineer,  George Seara, whose recent clients include Anne Murray, Loreena McKennitt, Rihanna, Mos Def, Holly Cole, 50 Cent, Sting, Herbie Hancock and Finger Eleven. The CD is sounding better than we ever imagined. We have set a new standard for ourselves.  Here are a couple of pics.


Brad Toews and I –  we started this process together as writing and arranging partners and saw it to the end together …


The Mastering team (from left to right): Brad Toews, Trevor Dick, George Seara (Mastering Engineer) and Richard Cleaver (Tracking and Mixing Engineer).