Phase One Studio A is Booked for Tracking …

I was excited to send this email out to the Band and Flyingbow Board last week after a generous supporter offered to donate a week of recording in one of Canada’s best recording studios, Phase One Studio A:

Well, things have been moving very quickly on the next Flyingbow Project … here is the latest: Richard has booked Phase One Studio A for the Band – the first week of August starting Monday, August 3rd through to Friday August 7th. What an honour it will be to track in one of the finest studios in the country (if not North America!) – with our favorite engineer, Richard Cleaver.

All our initial “live tracking” will happen on that week. Our focus will be to get the best drum, bass and acoustic piano takes in that order of priority. All overdubs can happen the following week or two in Kingston at Richard’s home recording room. Obviously, the more we keep live off the floor at Phase One the better. Our priority over the next 6 weeks will be to settle on the final rep, arrangements, charting and rehearsal times etc.

It has been incredible how this has all come together so quickly. I am pumped as I am sure you all are! …


So … I have been hard at work in my home studio over the last week tweaking the ideas Brad and I came up with on our writing weekend,  charting and sending off .mp3’s & lead sheets to the band for our first full rehearsal on Monday, June 22. Stay posted for more updates as they come in. You can also check out all the technical progress updates on this new CD project as they happen on Richard Cleaver’s blog. He has just posted two recent updates here and here. Until next time,