A Slow but Steady Home Studio Build | Very thankful for generous friends!

My home studio and the office of Flyingbow continues to take shape.  It was wonderful to have Gord Guthrie (a few months back) solder up and install the input face-plates for each work station. I mainly use this space for band rehearsal, writing, arranging and other and pre-production work. It also doubles as my teaching studio where I teach violin, viola, cello and bass (and a few other instruments).  I am very thankful for all my family and friends who have invested so much time into building this studio (click on each name to see each helper in action): Jim PerryKyle, Aaron and Liam DickKen WigboldusAndre Gignac, and Gord Guthrie (pictured below). Thank you friends! I really appreciate each of you!  T

Gord Guthrie solders the wall input plugs and headphone jacks

The completed wall plate

“Liam’s Song (The Birth)” :: Today’s Free .mp3

Liam’s Song (The Birth) is a Celtic lullaby and the third in a trilogy of three songs for my three boys: Kyle, Aaron and Liam. My wife Le-Anne and I have had the privilege of seeing each one come into the world – such an incredible miracle! As a dad, I can perhaps (in a small way) identify with the birth of the baby Jesus – his humanity.

Liam, our youngest, was a “planned” c-section birth. Minutes before Le-Anne went into the operation (delivery) room I captured the sound of Liam’s heartbeat in the womb via video camera – such an incredible sound that made it into the percussion track – perfectly in time with the beat of the music. Listen closely … you will hear it in the middle bridge section under the bass solo. This song is an expression of worship to God for the gift of life in our children and the humanity of the birth of another son, the baby Jesus :: “God in the flesh”, the greatest gift of all!  Enjoy today’s download.

GLORY :: “Liam’s Song (The Birth)”

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Three Firsts for our Youngest Boy …

Wow … sure has been a little while since my last post – definitely not a lack of things happening … just been a busy Spring in our household.

Our youngest boy, Liam (6 years old), has celebrated some special  “firsts” over the last few weeks that I want to share:


Liam lost both front teeth within the span of a week … the “Tooth Fairy” was extra kind this time around!


After a lot of perseverance, Liam learned how to ride his bike – this great machine was passed down to him from Kyle (12) and Aaron (9).



Two weeks ago, Liam joined his first sport’s team (Guelph Minor Soccer Association) and scored his first 2 goals last week in his first game. We think he has found his sport!

In some ways it is a bit sad to know that we are celebrating these firsts for the last time with our youngest boy. Our three boys are all growing up so fast! We need to cherish and celebrate these special moments in our children. What a gift they are from God. Until next time … (and I promise my next posting will be a lot sooner this time 😉  TD