Spontaneous Music Moments in Ecuador

There were many spontaneous music moments in Ecuador that were enjoyed by all. I am glad I took my acoustic and electric violins. I am constantly amazed at how music crosses all language and cultural barriers … here is a video and some photos that captured some of the moments:


On our first day, I joined the members of east coast band, Life Support, on electric violin as we led worship at a Compassion project church in the South end of Quito – our first time performing together. It was a special moment.


With Rob and Chris from Life Support … this picture truly catches the joy of spontaneously jamming …


I would love to know what this beautiful little girl was thinking …


A cell phone taping moment – in South America? … cell phones can be purchased for less than $30 on pretty much any street corner …



Out of nowhere, a Compassion worker (tutor) produced a violin he must have purchased at a local market(an orange price tag was still stuck on the instrument!). By the looks of the instrument (a Blue Grass set-up), it had somehow made it’s way to South America from Texas … so we played together … no language barrier here …


After he asked me to tune his instrument, he found it hard to play (he had tuned his instrument in an alternate tuning not common for the violin) … so I proceeded to show him how to play a D major scale … Notice the Indian ornament hanging off the end of the scroll? It reminded me of the North American Aboriginal art we see in Canada.

[youtube QgFAIBwUVoI]

Some video footage that captured the energy and fun at another Compassion project in Puertolago. Here I am jamming on a fiddle tune with Jordan (guitar), Matt (percussion) and Rob (guitar) from Life Support. Later, while we played a mic was lowered from the floor above and our music was broad-casted to the whole village. Behind the camera, other group members were playing soccer with the children, playing games and painting nails … it was an amazing, festive atmosphere of love and pure joy on the equator!