A Fantastic Day of Dirt Biking

Last weekend, I had a fantastic day dirt biking with the boys, thanks to cousins Steve and Annette Weykamp, who own Trail Tours – Dirt bike & ATV Tours. The first half of the day was spent getting trained on our new Honda dirt bikes.  The last time I was on a dirt bike was years ago, when a childhood friend, Kevin Rathwell, took me out riding with his family. It was good to get a refresher on shifting and learning how to properly corner etc. from the pro coaches. I must say, there is nothing quite like the thrill of riding a dirt bike!

Liam gets rigged up with his riding gear

All suited up … listening to the safety briefing from Steve

Bikes are lined up and ready to start up the engines …

Liam, on his cool Honda 70 semi automatic!

Aaron, leads the way during the afternoon trail tour …

Kyle, rips up the trails!

I have a little fun fishtailing on the training track …

Other than a couple of small wipe-outs, the day went without a hitch. Thanks Steve and Annette … we had an amazing time!
Until later. T