“Liam’s Song (The Birth)” :: Today’s Free .mp3

Liam’s Song (The Birth) is a Celtic lullaby and the third in a trilogy of three songs for my three boys: Kyle, Aaron and Liam. My wife Le-Anne and I have had the privilege of seeing each one come into the world – such an incredible miracle! As a dad, I can perhaps (in a small way) identify with the birth of the baby Jesus – his humanity.

Liam, our youngest, was a “planned” c-section birth. Minutes before Le-Anne went into the operation (delivery) room I captured the sound of Liam’s heartbeat in the womb via video camera – such an incredible sound that made it into the percussion track – perfectly in time with the beat of the music. Listen closely … you will hear it in the middle bridge section under the bass solo. This song is an expression of worship to God for the gift of life in our children and the humanity of the birth of another son, the baby Jesus :: “God in the flesh”, the greatest gift of all!  Enjoy today’s download.

GLORY :: “Liam’s Song (The Birth)”

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