Small Town Ontario Church Performance Pics …

Last weekend, I was guest speaker and performer at Elim Bible Chapel in Arkona, Ontario for their Sunday worship service. Here are a few pictures of the morning. My son, Kyle joined me … helped set up the product table and ran my iPod on the sound team. He did a great job.

Ten children were sponsored through Compassion which was an excellent response. The morning ended with a delicious pot-luck lunch. It was a good morning in small town Ontario!


In performance with visuals in behind …


Talking about my three “multi-national” instruments: (from left to right) my German Ned Steinberger 5-String electric violin, new South African Jacob Van Soelen 5-String acoustic viola and English George Craske Acoustic Violin.


Playing in the audience for a little baby girl and her family …


A fun shot of the  Elim Bible Chapel family…

Thank you to photographer, Heather Jennings, for supplying these pictures … you can view more photos here.

LR Tour – Moncton, New Brunswick Concert

The Moncton concert last night an interesting musical adventure … a perfect, smoother than normal sound check … but then suddenly in our concert set, the signal on the ipod background tracks cut out on the VERY FIRST song (a faulty DI box/XLR connection). “Plan B” kicked in and Brad Toews (keys) and I did a completely live improvised set made up of audience requests mixed with planned numbers. The audience loved it … the spontaneous, unplanned, relaxed nature of it … especially a new rendition of “The Old Rugged Cross” for which we received a standing ovation. God’s plans are always different than our own!

It was an honour, as well, to be invited by Lynda Randle to join her set later in the evening. Here are a few action shots …

 In Concert with Lynda Randle

In Concert with Lynda Randle

In Concert with Lynda Randle

In Concert with Lynda Randle and Group