Uxbridge Bound – A Celebration of the Arts

This weekend finds me in Uxbridge, Ontario where I was guest speaker this morning for a seminar on Worship in the Church at Uxbridge Baptist Church. Tomorrow I will be playing the violin at a part of the church worship service and performing a concert with 5th String BLVD. Band in the evening – all tying in with this beautiful town’s Celebration of the Arts week.

I couldn’t help but stop on the side of the road and snap this quick photo of the “Master Artist” painting the skies at 7 a.m. this morning as I was about to merge on to the 401 from Highway 6 – an undeniable God-sighting that took my breath away … I had a real sense that God is smiling on this weekend!


This morning, I had a great time with my host Jennifer Wilson and a team of 30 + music artists in the Worship Seminar discussing such topics as: The Power of Music in Worship, Keys to Making a Worship Set Flow (Some Creative ideas to get out of the “Worship Rut”), Understanding and Fulfilling your Unique Call (Role) on the Worship Team, Worshiping with Humility and How to Be Prepared to Worship.



I look forward to another great day of ministry tomorrow – especially the concert in the evening with the full band where we will be playing some of our new pre-CD Release “Yahweh” material and I will be sharing about the amazing work of Compassion Canada. Until next time. ><> T