Teaching in the new Studio + a Christmas Video Clip

The push over the weekend on the teaching and recording studio has enabled me to start teaching in the new space. A big thank you to my friend Andre who has loaned me his Air Gun and Compressor this week to get the trim and baseboards on … next step – the trim and baseboards on the entrance-way and waiting area and bathroom and final installation of wall plates and studio station inputs. Here are a few pics from the first day of students in the studio on Tuesday … I must say the acoustics in the new space are really excellent, clear and lively … and very sound proof.


Listening to James play in the new studio during his lesson



Jamming with the Tuesday night celtic group (photos – Kyle Dick)

One of the things on my January to do list was to clean off my computer desk top, archive some files … you know … some basic computer “house cleaning” … and I came across these .AVI files that were shot from the orchestra pit by Will Jarvis (bass player in our band) during the Moncton “Tree” this Christmas. Thought I would post the clips on YouTube. Here is the finale of “O Holy Night” with opera singer, Carol Leger:

[youtube 5Mfu58DrYsk]

For more YouTube clips link here. Until next time. TD