The Launch of the Gayford Carbon Fiber “Strad” Violin

For those who have seen me in concert over the last year, I have been playing/touring with a new acoustic violin called the Gayford Carbon Fiber “Strad” Violin.  After four years of development, many many prototypes and trial and error/testing, Fred Gayford has officially launched his Carbon Strad Violin web site:

It has been a real privilege to work directly with Fred on the development of this violin, “test driving” many instruments, making suggestions along the way and introducing him to my network of industry professionals during the development process.

Each violin is named. I play the “Schmidt” violin, named after Fred’s good life-long friend who recently passed away. It has a powerful, clear, bold, beautiful concert sound. Carbon Fiber also is much less temperamental in some of Canada’s harsh touring weather.  Great for the concert and missionary work I do. This violin has even made it onto some remote Fairmeadow Studio recording projects recently. It records very nicely.

Here is the Gayford Carbon Strad “Schmidt” violin in action (from the Gayford YouTube Channel) with my composition, “The Calling” from a 2016 live performance. I am using a 4061 DPA lav headset mic:

Recently, I had the chance to visit Fred in his workshop in Cambridge, Ontario and was blown away by all the detailed R&D and painstaking work that it has taken him to get to this point. Every change, adaptation and rebuild has been documented.  I asked Fred if he had the documentation for the work and tweaks he has done on the “Schmidt” violin. He produced a one page document of every detail. Fred went on to show the documentation on his other instruments that have been built and sold around the World.

Congratulations to Fred Gayford on the successful launch of this new site and thank you for the gift of the “Schmidt” Carbon Fiber Strad!

With Fred Gayford and his Carbon Strad “Schmidt” Violin