Launch of the YAHWEH East Coast CANADA DAY WEEKEND Tour

Happy Canada Day!

I must admit, blogging has been a bit hit and miss over the last few months, but I have decided to start up again as we launch the YAHWEH CANADA DAY WEEKEND Tour to New Brunswick and Nova Scotia … so hope you are able to follow along.

Yesterday was a full day … started at 5:15 a.m. (too early) with a Red Car taxi pickup to take Brad and I to the airport. The taxi driver was surprised at all my bags – 6 in total! (he muttered under his breath about Red Car’s luggage policy). I explained to him that Brad was going to check in two of my bags … perhaps he had missed his morning coffee?


A direct flight to Fredericton on Air Canada Jazz was really nice – no stop overs … gave us lot’s of time on the other end to pick up our Budget rental car which happens to be a fully loaded Dodge Charger muscle car (sky light, heated seats etc). Brad couldn’t wipe the smile off his face. “This is all they have”, I said … “I guess it will have to do”,  he replied (grin, grin). We both agreed today that we still prefer the 2011 Ford Fusion (our regular pick with Enterprise when we are doing local Ontario concerts). More fuel efficient and lot’s of room for all our gear …

Brad gets rid of an over- sized carry on before we embark on our AC Jazz flight to Fredericton

I must admit, it makes for a long day to travel and do a concert on the same day. We had the one-hour time difference on our side (not as possible if we were traveling west), but still … by the time we arrived to the venue, I was dragging a little. It was a good call to check in to our Inn around 15 minutes outside of Hartland where we unloaded, ironed a few cloths and caught a little “cat-nap” before driving to Harland Wesleyan Church. Pastor Mel (an amazing, warm, caring guy) met us with a hug and a smile. He was worried about the numbers for the evening on the start of the Canada Day weekend … I told him that he had done all he could do … it was now in God’s hands!


The concert went very well … a few little technical issues with the operator getting used to our Pro Presenter program, which drives all our sound and visuals … but nothing that was too distracting. Although the audience was smaller than we are used to (around 70-80), their warmth and energy more than made up for their size. We had a great time … due to my tiredness, I perhaps “rambled” and “yarned” a little more than normal, but the friendly audience were “egging me on”! Five children were sponsored through Compassion Canada, which was a good response on the evening.


On the drive back to Fredericton this morning after a much needed sleep in, Brad mused while we admired the beautiful New Brunswick landscape: “God’s favorite colours must be Green and Blue.”  I agreed. “We need these colours … they are colours of peaceful tranquility that feed the soul,” I said …


We are checked in at the Crowne Plaza hotel, only a stone’s throw from the historic “Officer’s Square” where we will be performing in 1.5 hours. Really looking forward to celebrating Canada Day in music and with my fellow Canadians in downtown Fredericton, NB. It is a wonderful, festive atmosphere. I’ll take lot’s of pictures!

Until tomorrow.