Two Amazing Visits to the Santa Cruz, Bolivia Navy and Air Force Bases

I am still processing my visit last month to Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Life has changed for me … it always does after such an impacting mission trip. God shook my comfortable world a little more (it needs to be shaken regularly) … and gave me more of a thirst and vision for those who are seeking Him. Recently two more visits to the Santa Cruz Navy and Air Force Bases have played out in my memory. Here are some photos and video to help tell the story … and keep the memories alive. Photos provided by: Steve Sugrim –


Sharing my story with the Santa Cruz Air Force Cadets

The audience of young men really enjoy our music

Many hands go up to receive Jesus into their lives. They “yelled out” their prayer in unison in true military style! It was really incredible to experience.

The Cadets line up to receive their bibles from the Gideons Canada team as we play more music …

 The men are anxious to read their bibles right away – a thirst for God’s word!

As we leave, the soldiers stand at attention, bibles still in hand …

I pose with a future air force pilot (his new bible in hand) who asks to try out my violin. He plays me an excerpt of “Minuet in G” by Bach!


Fellow music missionary, Tony Lind (guitarist) and I stand at the entrance of the “Armada Boliviana” Navy Base.

During our outreach performance for the Bolivian Navy, Santa Cruz

Craig Hussey, Gideons Team Leader,  presents the gospel message through our translator, Jorge Soria

Many Navy Cadets once more put up their hands and pray to receive Christ

Navy Officers read their new Bibles … they again have a real thirst to read God’s word!

I give the Chief Commanding Navy Officer a gift of our “Danforth Sessions” CD

I’ll leave you with this final video clip of the Bolivian Navy Cadets doing their final exercises, Bibles still in hand … truly amazing!

Until next time … T