Studio Renovations … Slow … but steady progress.

Alas … progress on the studio is taking a long, long time (I am having to be patient) … some rain last week delayed the back studio entrance way, but yesterday the stairs were built and the door roughed in, so that was great. I roughed in the interior framing up to the doorway just hours ago, so here are a few snap shots of the last couple of weeks – up to today …


Pouring the cement walls for the basement walk-out studio entrance


A wider angle of the damage … no turning back now!


The cement forms have come off and the walls are being wrapped and water-proofed


Drainage (tied into weeping tile) and foam (to protect against frost) is put in the entrance floor before the floor is poured


The outside stairway is installed


From the basement studio interior (3 hours ago) … the door and entrance framing is now roughed in

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