Studio Renovations … More progress

The basement studio is progressing well … here are some shots and a video clip of the progress over the last couple of weeks. I am very thankful to my friends: Andre, Jim and Ken, who have been such a great help. A big thank you as well to Phil Beuglet for offering to draw up the plans for the basement entrance. They look great and have been an excellent reference for the contractors.  I also thank my good friend and sound engineer, Richard Cleaver, for his “studio sound treatment on a budget” advise! More action shots of the progress are found on my Flickr page here.


Jim Perry helps me install the resilient channel


Framing the entrance way …”Well … er … uh … she looks pretty level to me!”


The resilient channel and Roxul Safe ‘n Sound insulation is now up in the ceiling of the studio …


Andre Gignac starts to help me install the drywall in the studio (is doing an amazing job!) He also has been a great help in wiring the studio with four “recording stations”.


Excavations began on the basement studio entrance-way last week. My father-in-law, Dave McGibbon, and I removed a large portion of the back deck to make room for the excavation.


The doorway is cut below an existing window in the foundation with a huge masonry saw. Click here to see the saw in action.

[youtube tT6Wd_YMUZ8]

The cut foundation slab sure takes it’s time falling!


Ken Wigboldus of “Backyards and Basements” is doing a excellent job helping with the renos. Here he wires a light switch.


Andre and I working on the 3rd coat of mudding in the studio …


The studio entrance footing is poured …

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  1. Jim Perry
    Jim Perry says:

    Wow that brings back memory’s of hair and care of what we do best!
    Trevor I all ways look up to you! Now your kids are taller than me lol!
    Look forward to recording a family drum circle there! When?

    • Trevor
      Trevor says:

      Hey Jim, great to hear from you, bro! That’s a great idea – to record a “family drum circle”. Perhaps we can choose a date in July when things have slowed down and summer holidays are here … along with a BBQ. Give me a call and we’ll make it happen. T


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