Steve Heathcote – Drummer of the Year!

I received some exciting news at the beginning of the week. Steve Heathcote, “rhythm keeper” for our band: “5th String BLVD.”, received the “Drummer of the Year” award from the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards last Friday. We are all very proud of his accomplishments. I have said this before, but it is a real honour to work with one of the greatest bands (and creative players) in the country. They are: Steve Heathcote (Kit), Will Jarvis (Bass), Brad Toews  (Keys) and Corey Lacey (Guitar). Here are some of my favorite shots over the last couple of years …


Steve, live in concert.


Steve, laying down some tracks in Richard Cleaver’s Whisperwood Studios on the “Glory” Album.


An outdoor band shot at Cape Enrage, NS while on our recent East Coast Tour. From left to right: Will Jarvis (bass), Corey Lacey (guitar), Trevor Dick (violin), Brad Toews (keys), Steve Heathcote (drums).

Steve has done all the drum and percussion tracks on my latest two albums: “5th String BLVD.”  and “Glory & Peace”. Check them out here. Until next time … TD

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  1. Hans van de Moesdyk
    Hans van de Moesdyk says:

    Steve and his brother Jeff worked with me at Coca-Cola in the late 70’s. He was good back then. I even remember him playing with Maynard Ferguson.

    • Trevor
      Trevor says:

      Very cool, Hans! I count it a real honour to work with Steve and the rest of the band: Tony Lind (guitar), Brad Toews (keys), Will Jarvis (bass) …

      Take care,


  2. Rob Rettberg
    Rob Rettberg says:

    I’ve been using Steve as my drummer since 1977. He’s played on most of my TV shows and major productions. I’m now living in Los Angeles and look forward to him setting up his digital studio so that he can do drums from Toronto for me here in LA. He’s the best drummer I have ever worked with.

    • Trevor
      Trevor says:

      Hi Rob!

      Thanks for visiting …

      Steve certainly is a great drummer and friend. We are working on a CD project together right now called “New World” … recorded at Noble Street Studios in Toronto. You can view some photos here of our sessions: His playing on this album is some of the best I have heard from him. Looking forward to completing it.

      It certainly will be great for him to be able to provide you with some drum tracks from Toronto in the future.

      All the best!



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