Small Town Ontario Church Performance Pics …

Last weekend, I was guest speaker and performer at Elim Bible Chapel in Arkona, Ontario for their Sunday worship service. Here are a few pictures of the morning. My son, Kyle joined me … helped set up the product table and ran my iPod on the sound team. He did a great job.

Ten children were sponsored through Compassion which was an excellent response. The morning ended with a delicious pot-luck lunch. It was a good morning in small town Ontario!


In performance with visuals in behind …


Talking about my three “multi-national” instruments: (from left to right) my German Ned Steinberger 5-String electric violin, new South African Jacob Van Soelen 5-String acoustic viola and English George Craske Acoustic Violin.


Playing in the audience for a little baby girl and her family …


A fun shot of the  Elim Bible Chapel family…

Thank you to photographer, Heather Jennings, for supplying these pictures … you can view more photos here.

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  1. steve Levitt
    steve Levitt says:

    Hey Trevor
    Was good to see you in Arkona.
    Loved the reminder of – He knows my name.
    Can never get too much of that.
    Your Compassion close was superb- way to go.
    Keep Pressing On


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