Promise Keepers “Built for Battle” … some thoughts.

This last weekend (Nov. 19-20) I had the honour of playing on the worship team for the Promise Keepers “Built for Battle” weekend at the Mississauga Hershey Centre.

4000 + guys filled up the Hershey Centre Arena. It was a powerful and humbling weekend in many ways with many highlights including:

1) Great key-note speakers:  Steve Farrar’s “fatherly” wisdom and a message to persevere with God especially spoke to me.  He shared:  “suffering equips you for ministry … how do I get endurance for the Christian life? By suffering!”

I can identify with this truth.  Men listened to him with earnest. I felt like Steve was like the dad I lost at four putting his arm around me saying: “get up and keep going, son. You can do it” …

2)  Hundreds and Hundreds of men came forward on the Friday night during an altar call to make new commitments to live for God. This was a powerful moment and a real moving of the Holy Spirit!

3) Over 4000 men singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” and “Jesus, All for Jesus” at the top of their lungs! I will never forget the amazing sound from the stage … I had to take my “in-ears” out both times … “goosebumps” as I listening and worshiped along with them …

4) Ministering with a worship band of amazing players (many who I was working with for the first time) with real servant hearts, led by PK Worship Leader, Andrew Thompson – another real highlight for me …

5) Having the honour to back up Robin Mark. Robin has made a real connection with PK men … not only is his music easy to sing for guys (in a lower range) but men really appreciate his down to earth Irish “every man” style … makes you feel comfortable and at ease … no pretenses … real, with integrity. It was great to get to know Robin a little more at this event.

Here are a few photos of the weekend.

A group shot with Robin Mark and the Promise Keepers Band

With Robin Mark and the Promise Keepers Band :: Photo – Robert White/Quail Communications

With Robin Mark and the Promise Keepers Band :: Photo – Robert White/Quail Communications

My view of the 4000 + men from the stage  :: Photo – Greg Sykes

Speaker, Steve Farrar challenges the large audience of men to persevere …

More pics posted on Facebook here.

Until next time. T

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