Press Release: Guelph, Ontario Violinist represents Canada on World Music Project Video



This story went out to Canadian media last week and is relevant/of interest to local, national and global audiences:

Trevor Dick, a Guelph, Ontario electric violinist was invited to represent Canada on the World Music Project Video, which had a digital release late August, 2015.

Trevor, along with one other Canadian, came together with over 30 musicians from around the world to complete a music video which was just released on YouTube.. What makes this project so remarkable was that none of the artists, producers and sound engineer ever met in person but rather collaborated over Facebook. Each artist was selected by the co-producers and invited to record and film the title track “I have a Dream” in a setting which was representative of their country and culture. The task of editing and mixing 35 artists’ music and video was mammoth and almost did not come together.

To view the original YouTube video go to:

(Trevor appears at the 23 second mark on the video and then has a solo at 5:42 and various places afterwards)

Trevor decided to be filmed on Parliament Hill in front of the Peace Tower with its Canadian Flag flying above the Centre Block and the Centennial Flame earlier this spring. Trevor felt this was a fitting backdrop to the project with its goals to encourage unity and world peace through music. From a Canadian perspective, Trevor noted that “it felt like a redemptive gesture after the October 22, 2015 shooting on Parliament Hill.”



African born Trevor, is no stranger to World Music. He has always been attracted to the diversity, colour and beauty of global rhythms and sounds.

The Trevor Dick Band (TDB) are excited to announce the “street launch” of their CD project, New World, September 7/15 with their first release concert planned for Sept. 13/15, 6 p.m. in Oshawa, Ontario at Calvary Church.

This world/jazz/folk fusion project with classical and modern pop/rock underpinning takes you from Africa to Latin America to Europe and North America, erasing all borders.

Mark Rheaume, of CBC Music writes, “… not many acts can blend so many sounds as easily as the Trevor Dick Band on NEW WORLD. Sonic sweetness from beginning to end. ”

Interesting WMP Facts:

– 35 music artists represented: USA, Dominican Republic,  Mexico, Canada, Israel, France, Philippines, Ecuador, Spain, Columbia, Algeria, Italy, Greece, Germany, England, Senegal, Japan, Norway and Lebanon.
– 3 Canadians were involved in the World Music Project: Trevor Dick (Electric Violin, Acoustic Violin and Viola); Navid Goldrick of Alberta (Oud) and Richard Cleaver of Ontario (Mix and Mastering Engineer)
– this story is receiving international media attention in countries such as Mexico and Italy: See:  and


World Music Project Web Site:
World Music Project Facebook Group Site:
Trevor Dick Band Web Site:
Link to official Trevor Dick Band Launch Press Release:
Link to the Trevor Dick Band EPK:



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