My View: tracking Electric Violin parts at Fairmeadow Studio …

This has been my view at my home Fairmeadow Studio in Guelph as I have tracked my electric and MIDI violin parts for the NEW WORLD CD Project. It has been a challenging but rewarding process as I have been locked in my “creative cave” for hours at a time digging deep to lay down my best take. This is difficult to do … an interesting process when you are all alone in your studio with no one to bounce ideas off of – easy to second-guess yourself.  Occasionally I call my wife, Le-Anne, down to have a listen (or the boys) … this is helping …

My strategy has been to  simply track multiple takes of verses, choruses and solos and then choose the best from each later without doing any cutting/pasting or editing. I didn’t want to get bogged down by the editing process (and just PLAY!) … really pushing myself to get the best performances I can get! We are around 90% there.

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