Monday in Quito, Ecuador – Day 2

We arrived safely Saturday night in Quito … smoother landing than 3 years ago – my Air Canada pilot friends tell me it is one of the hardest places to land a plane (you have to maneuver into the Andes Mountains and put the plane down hard on a very short runway) …8 bags did not arrive in Quito from the group of 22  … they finally arrived last night – all mine came through safe and sound … Roberto is our host … you can see the love of the Lord in his face and smile … The team is lot’s of fun … the other music artists are a very talented alternative rock group from the east coast (6 members) called Life Support. We had a chance yesterday to play together … it was as if we had worked together from the beginning – they have a great sound and I love their hearts … It is also awesome to have my pastor Dave Ralph and his wife, Sue, on this trip. They are also really enjoying their time thus far.

A real highlight for me today was going on a “home visit” to see a little boy, Alexis, and his family. We drove up the steep foothills of the Andes in the back of a 4×4 pickup … the ride was rough, sewage ran down the sides of the garbage strewn road as we carefully wound our way to an area of the poverty stricken Southern tip of Quito City rarely seen by North Americans. We stopped at the home of Alexis who is crippled and bed ridden with a rare bone disorder (his bones break very easily). I played my violin for him … Pastor Dave Ralph prayed for him and his family … then we gave them a number of gifts. Dave and I gave Alexis a pad of paper and coloured markers (which my 6 year old son, Liam, had picked out before I left). Alexis drew us a beautiful picture before we left with his new art supplies. What hope in the middle of hopelessness. Alexis is receiving the help (physically, emotionally and spiritually) that he needs through the care of Compassion. It was wonderful to see! Here are some video clips that captured a few of these moments … Until next time … TD

[youtube 1ANbZgh4S8Q]

Playing my violin for Alexis and his mother and baby sister

[youtube -BfLmMNFv9U]

Pastor Dave Ralph prays a special prayer for Alexis and his family

[youtube 713txj7goyo]

Alexis draws for us using his new markers and pad of paper

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