“HE DIED | HE ROSE” is a “film score” of the final days of Jesus: His death and resurrection. From the opening theme, “Entrance of a King”, depicting the humble arrival of Jesus to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, to “The Great Commission” anthem, His final challenge to followers before ascending to heaven, this instrumental soundtrack portrays the poignant Gospel story.  The Good Friday / Easter double album introduces compelling original works in progressive rock, world, folk, classical and jazz styles along with reinterpretations of well loved traditional and modern worship songs for the Lent season.  Enter in and sense the agonizing pain, loss, betrayal, darkness, redemption, miraculous resurrection, hope, new life and fall-on-your-knees glory! Thank you for joining us on this pilgrimage.

√ FEB. 19/24
– HE DIED | HE ROSE – Double CD release (Store and mail order only)
√ FEB. 19/24 – “O SACRED HEAD” Single – Streaming & download release
√ FEB. 26/24 – “ANÁSTASIS (O PRAISE THE NAME)” Single – Streaming & download release
√MARCH 1/24 – HE DIED | HE ROSE, VOL. 1: “He Died” – Streaming & download release
MARCH 7/24 – HE DIED | HE ROSE, VOL. 2: “He Rose” – Streaming & download release

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Volume 1, “HE DIED” Album Preview Video

The TREVOR DICK BAND is: Trevor Dick (electric, MIDI and acoustic violin/viola); Jake Payne (piano and keyboard); Dave Hjin (electric and acoustic guitar); Will Jarvis (electric bass); Steve Heathcote (drums and percussion)




01 – Entrance of a King – 4:58

Music: Trevor Dick
Arrangement: Trevor Dick & the Trevor Dick Band
Performers: Trevor Dick Band

02 – Pain in the Land (30 Pieces of Silver) – 4:32

Music: Dave Hjin
Arrangement: Dave Hjin & the Trevor Dick Band
Performers: Trevor Dick Band

03 – Not My Will but Yours Be Done – 2:28

Music: Trevor Dick
Arrangment: Trevor Dick, Dave Hjin and Jake Payne
Performers: Trevor Dick (acoustic violin), Dave Hjin (acoustic guitar) and Jake Payne (acoustic piano)

04 – Via Dolorosa – 6:43

Music: Trevor Dick
Arrangement: Trevor Dick & the Trevor Dick Band
Performers: Trevor Dick Band

05 – Interlude 1 (Not My Will – Reprise) – 0:34

Music: Trevor Dick
Arrangement: Jake Payne
Performer: Jake Payne (acoustic piano)

06 – O Sacred Head – 5:07

Music: J.S Bach (Public Domain) & Trevor Dick
Arrangement: Trevor Dick & the Trevor Dick Band
Performers: Trevor Dick Band

07 – Interlude 2 (Behold Your Son – Behold Your Mother) – 1:29

Music: Trevor Dick
Arrangement: Trevor Dick & Dave Hjin
Performers: Trevor Dick (acoustic violin) and Dave Hjin (acoustic guitar)

08 – Wondrous Love – 4:47

Music: Medley – “What Wondrous Love is This” (Author Unknown, Public Domain) and “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” (Stuart Richard Townend – Thankyou Music Ltd, Used by permission).
Arrangement: Trevor Dick & Dave Hjin
Performers: Trevor Dick (acoustic five-string viola) and Dave Hjin (acoustic guitar)

09 – Worthy is the Lamb – 5:01

Music: G.F. Handel (Public Domain)
Arrangement: Trevor Dick & the Trevor Dick Band
Performers: Trevor Dick Band

10 – Come Behold the King – 6:26

Music & Lyrics: Trevor Dick
Arrangement: Trevor Dick & the Trevor Dick Band
Performers: Trevor Dick Band, Michael Austin Harris (vocals), Verese Vassell-Bowen (vocals) and Nikaelia Harris (vocals)


Verse 1
Come behold the Lamb!
Worthy is, He the One who was slain
Honour and glory and blessing are Yours
Christ our Saviour and King

Verse 2
Come behold the cross!
Jesus You shed Your precious blood
Oh what love and grace divine
Bearing the sin of the World

We see the Lord seated high on the throne
And the train of His robe fills the temple with glory!
Worthy is He who was slain to receive
All the power and riches and wisdom and strength! 

Verse 3
Come behold the King!
Mighty and great, holy is He
All other kingdoms will fade away
Only your throne remains

We sing this new song, worthy are You
To open the scroll and break every seal
The veil of the temple was torn in two
A new covenant redeemed my soul
Your blood was shed ransomed all for God
Every tribe, language and nation
Your Kingdom come, Your will be done
On earth as it is in heaven!

Chorus (Instrumental)

Lord, we surrender our lives!
Lord, we give you our lives! (Repeat)
Lord, I surrender my life!
Lord, I give you my life! (Repeat)


11 – Elevation – 3:36

12 – Christ the Lord is Risen Today – 4:29

13 – Interlude 3 (The Empty Tomb) – 3:10

14 – Anástasis (O Praise the Name) – 5:02

15 – Doing This for You – 4:37

16 – Jesus Paid it All – 5:37

17 – When I Survey – 1:37

18 – Near the Rugged Cross – 3:58

19 – Easter Medley – 9:01

20 – Lord, I Need You – 6:03

21 – The Great Commission – 8:24

“HE DIED I HE ROSE” – Artwork Reveal Video – Tina Newlove Interview

Trevor’s interview with Canadian award winning artist, Tina Newlove and the “reveal” of her two commissioned original oil paintings: “He Died” and “He Rose” (oil on wooden panel). These stunning original works (a diptych pair) were used as the main artwork on the new “HE DIED | HE ROSE” double Easter album.

Produced, written and arranged by: the Trevor Dick Band

Engineered and mixed by: Richard Cleaver, Noble Street Studios, Toronto, ON and Whisperwood Recording Studios, Barrie, ON 

Assistant Engineer: Dex Piecowye

Overdub recordings: the home studios of the Trevor Dick Band

Mastered by: George Seara, George Seara Sound, Toronto, ON

Original commissioned “He Died | He Rose” paintings: Tina Newlove

Graphic design: Brandon Priebe

Painting photography: Eric Silveira, Lucid Digital Media, Cambridge, ON

CD printing: Train Records, Toronto, ON

Funding and support: flyingbow.com

© 2024 Trevor Dick Band. All rights reserved. Performance Rights administration: SOCAN. Unauthorized duplication prohibited by law. Made in Canada.