Friends of Trevor

Flyingbow is a registered Canadian charitable non-profit organization supporting music and the arts. They support my music missionary work.

Lakeside Church is my home church community in Guelph, Ontario.

The Trevor Dick Band (Facebook Band Page) is the group of music artists I do most of my live performing with. We are: Steve Heathcote (drums & percussion); Will Jarvis (acoustic and electric bass); Brad Toews (piano and keyboards); Tony Lind (acoustic and electric guitar) with “yours truly” on acoustic, electric and MIDI violin/viola.

Richard Cleaver is the audio engineer who recorded and mixed the “Glory and Peace”, “Yahweh” and Trevor Dick Band “New World” CD’s. He runs a home studio called Whisperwood Studios. He also designed this website.

Imago is a unique organization promoting the development of Christians in the arts. They played a significant role in supporting me on the “Glory and Peace” and “Yahweh” projects. They also helped to launch Flyingbow Music Ministry as a registered charitable non-profit organization.

HOThouse Design – owned by Shane Drever:  Artist, graphic designer/photographer who did an amazing job on the graphic design on the TDB – “New World” project. He also produced the “Yahweh” video.

George Seara – Juno Award winning engineer. Mastered the “Yahweh” and TDB – “New World” Projects

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