East Coast Tour Update … Relaxing in NB Rural Paradise

It is a lazy, rainy day in rural New Horton, New Brunswick where we are resting in the the Lakeview Inn after a very busy two days – a concert in Sussex, NB on Sunday morning and three rehearsals for the Moncton Wesleyan’s Living Christmas Tree on Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon and evening …

We are using this time to recharge – a great day for shooting a game or two of pool, watching a movie or curling up with a good book …

I slept in this morning and then started the day with a nice leasurly run on the scenic 95 acre Lakeview Inn lake front property … enjoyed a wonderful brunch prepared by our generous hosts (Bill and Linda)  … then had a nice quiet time in my room with a foggy view of New Horton Lake.


My bedroom window where I had my quiet time this morning …


The foggy, misty view from my Inn window


The rural view from the front porch of our Inn


Will practises his bass while I write …


Brad curls up with a good book in an upper floor window seat


 Steve and I play a fun game of pool

Here are some pics over the last week of the tour thus far ….


Sunrise on route to P.E.I. as we crossed the Confederation Bridge last weekend


Our tour truck and trailer in P.E.I.


Loading at the end of a long day on P.E.I. 


 The Sussex Wesleyan Church venue we played at this weekend.

I have posted more East Coast G&P Tour pics on my flickr account here. I will be updating this regularly.

God bless your week. TD <><

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