Day 5 at Noble Street – “It’s a Wrap!”

Day 5 at Noble Street Studios saw us work on some bass, piano and guitar overdubs/edits and record an “interlude” full band song clip called “Where Two Oceans Meet”  that will appear somewhere on the New World CD as joining material.

Everyone on the team were exhausted by the end of the week but exhilarated. As we listened through the “keepers” during the editing sessions I think it really began to sink in how much had been accomplished over the week and the great playing that had been captured off the Noble Street floor. This is going to be a special album – a “New World” of music for us and our audiences.

A big thank you to everyone on the team who worked so hard made this week happen so smoothly: The Technical Crew – Richard Cleaver (Recording Engineer), Josh Cleaver (Session Administrator “Minute-taker”), Kevin O’Leary (Noble Street Assistant Recording Engineer) and Trevor Anderson (Studio Session Assistant).   The Band – Steve Heathcote (Drums), Will Jarvis (Bass), Brad Toews (Piano) and Tony Lind (Guitar). I would also like to thank Noble Street Studios for making us feel so at home in their world-class facility. It was truly a wonderful, warm sounding space to record and be creative. Here is a group shot of the full team!

The New World “Dream Team” (from left to right): Trevor Anderson (Noble Street Session Assistant), Kevin O’Leary (Noble Street Assistant Recording Engineer), Steve Heathcote (Drums), Brad Toews (Piano),  Richard Cleaver (Recording Engineer), Trevor Dick (Violin), Will Jarvis (Bass), Tony Lind (Guitar) and Josh Cleaver (Session Administrator “Minute-taker”)

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