Day 4 at Noble Street

Another great day today at Noble Street Studios. We again met our goals with the tracking of three final songs: “Quito Market”, “Celebration” and “Schindler’s List”. The main tracking is now complete with a total of twelve songs (recorded since Monday). Tomorrow, our final day at Noble Street, we will do some final overdubbing of Bass and Piano plus some tracking of some “interlude” material that will be used between tracks of this concept album.

I truly am honoured to work with such an amazing band. They have been digging really deep and giving their best with this new material geared for a Jazz, Folk and Blues Festival audience. The world music on the album will also be readily accepted by international audiences around the world through our charity work with Flyingbow. We have also had a wonderful time working once more with engineer extraordinaire, Richard Cleaver. Richard is a rare talent and great friend!

Here are some photos of the “dream team” in action (photography: Richard and Josh Cleaver):

Richard Cleaver (engineer). Visit Richard’s Blog here.

Steve Heathcote (kit)

Will Jarvis (bass)

Tony Lind (guitar)

Brad Toews (keys)

Trevor Dick (violin)

A rare shot of the full band at work (deep in thought) in the Studio A Control Room

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