Day 2 at Noble Street

Another productive day at Noble Street Studios, tracking the “New World” project. We were aiming to record four songs today, but completed three (“African Sun”, “Prayer for Peace” and “Perpetual Existence”)  for a total of five songs thus far. This is difficult world music material and we have been making some slight changes to groove and feel until each song sits just right. I am pretty tired today … a fair bit of soreness in my left shoulder (repetitive stress, rotator cuff pain etc) which I manage through stretching, self massage and some tylenol.

I tracked my new Cantini MIDI violin today on “Perpetual Existence” and was impressed with some of the fat tones I am getting. We certainly are getting a great sound at this studio … I continue to be very impressed. Here is my signal chain in photos.



(SSL 4056 E/G Console)


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