About Trevor

Bio and Story

  • Trevor’s Biography [pdf]
  • Trevor’s Faith Story [pdf]
  • A Living Truth story on Trevor’s “music missionary” journey [video]

Press Kit

  • Access Trevor’s promotional materials including  posters, photos, video, press articles and testimonials [link]

About the Ministry

Flyingbow Music Ministry

Trevor is founder and and artistic director of the non-profit charitable music and arts organization called, Flyingbow Music Ministry. It is primarily through Flyingbow that Trevor does his performing, recording projects and music missionary work. Flyingbow’s mission is stated clearly: to be music missionaries and artists called by God to encourage others to discover and worship Jesus Christ. The ministry’s objectives fall into four key areas: Church ministry support, Missions and evangelism, the advocacy of music and the arts, and the support of poverty relief in Canada and abroad.

  • Vision, Mission and Core Values [link]
  • Objectives [link]
  • Initiatives [link]

Board of Directors

Flyingbow Music Ministry is steered and administered by a capable Board of Directors who work with Trevor and ministry partners to accomplish the vision, mission and objectives of Flyingbow.

  • A list of Flyingbow’s Board Members [link]
  • Contact the Flyingbow Board [link]

About the Band

Trevor is honoured and blessed to work with some of the finest musicians in the country: Steve Heathcote (Drums and Percussion), Will Jarvis (acoustic and electric Bass), Tony Lind (acoustic and electric Guitar) and Brad Toews (Piano and Keyboards). Along with Trevor on acoustic and electric Violin and Viola, they are know as the Trevor Dick Band.