Calendar Update … including a Weekend Tour to Nova Scotia + Full Band Concert in Guelph

Hi friends and supporters,

Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving! Just wanted to let you know that I have just updated my Concert Calendar with the latest bookings …

Highlights are a mini weekend tour to beautiful Nova Scotia (Oct. 24-25) with Brad Toews (keys). I am also excited about a couple of events coming up in November: A Compassion Sunday (Nov. 15) with Geoff Moore at my home church of Lakeside and a FULL BAND Concert on Nov. 27 – also at Lakeside. More info coming soon, but check out these dates here at my Calendar link:

Have a great week! Until next time – T.

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  1. Rebecca J.
    Rebecca J. says:

    Eh Trevor! Am glad to hear that you heading east again, this year! 😀 … However, when do you think you’ll be heading back to NB? … When do you expect to release your new CD? (AM looking forward to getting a copy of it!) … When last we met, I bought a copy of “Glory & Peace” for a family friend – he loved it! Thanks! 😀 … Am still waiting for you to bring Le-Anne and the boys down to NB, sometime when you’re back here! … Blessings!

  2. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Hi Rebecca, great to hear from you again. NB will be the next East Coast trip I think. The new CD will probably be released in the new year. God bless. T


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