New Trevor Dick Band Album Release: “HE DIED | HE ROSE”

It has been a whirlwind of activity as we have released our new Trevor Dick Band “HE DIED | HE ROSE” double album this month!

The new project is a “film score” (instrumental soundtrack) to the final days of Jesus: His death and resurrection, in our TDB progressive rock/world style with folk/classical/jazz overtones.  This album has been a real labour of love over the last five years, from the original concept/vision to the pre-production writing, arranging and rehearsing  to the final recording, mixing, mastering and printing of a limited edition CD.

A big thank you to Richard Cleaver for his amazing work as the recording/mixing engineer for the project.

The original artwork of the album are a diptych pair of commissioned original oil paintings with the same titles: “He Died” and “He Rose” (oil on wooden panel) by the great Tina Newlove.

For all the details of the new music, streaming links, liner notes, background stories, behind the scenes footage and other bonus material, visit our HE DIED | HE ROSE landing page.

Thank you for joining us on this pilgrimage!  T

Electric String Players Facebook Group Breaks 1600 Members!



Back in July of 2015, I started a new Facebook Group called Electric String Players (Violin, Viola and Cello). The link is:

Today the group reached another milestone, breaking 2600 members! 

This group is meeting its goals to be a supportive, global, all-inclusive forum for electric violin, electric viola and electric cello players, fans, educators and enthusiasts. It has brought together a wonderful community of musicians who are interested in really pushing new innovations and technology forward for electric string players.  I encourage you to join in on the excellent discussions and continue to spread the word!  T

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A friendly shootout/comparison between the Mark Wood Viper & NS Design CR Electric Violins

One of my most recent Monday YouTube Video posts on my channel is a “friendly shootout” (comparison) between the Mark Wood Viper & NS Design CR Electric Violins. Here is the video:

VIDEO LINKS – TABLE OF CONTENTS  (the numbers refer to the timing in the video for quick reference):
1) Overview of signal chain from el. violin to computer recording software – 17:42
2) Basic clean sound of Wood Viper Electric Violin – 19:08
3) Basic clean sound of NS Design CR Electric Violin – 20:37
4) Pizzicato, Strumming & Percussive effects of NS CR Electric Violin – 23:49
5) Pizzicato, Strumming & Percussive effects of Wood Viper Electric Violin – 25:29
6) Arpeggio Improv Playing Demo on NS Design CR Electric Violin – 27:02
7) Rock Overdrive Improv Playing Demo on NS Design CR Electric Violin – 28:33
8) Arpeggio Improv Playing Demo on Wood Viper Electric Violin – 29:26
9) Rock Overdrive Improv Playing Demo on Wood Viper Electric Violin – 30:53
10) Trevor’s Closing Thoughts – 31:38

These are both really great instruments and have more in similar to each other than you would first think. Please like this video and leave your comments on my channel or below. Love your thoughts! A big thank you to my good friend, Roy Paul for the loan of his Viper! Oh, and while you are there, please subscribe to my YouTube channels:

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“Vintage” vs. “Modern” Pedal Shootout

Last week, I released an interesting “Vintage” vs. “Modern” shootout between the Roland (pre-BOSS) Phase II versus the Strymon Mobius Phaser. Here is the video:

It really is incredible HOW GREAT some of these older pedals sound! The Roland certainly gives the Mobius a run for its money! I was so intrigued by the Phase II and got so much interest in the various electric string and guitar forums I am a member of, that I decided to demo the pedal in a little more detail here. Please like these videos and leave your comments …

(Disclaimer: The Roland Phase II was not actually USED by the Beatles and Hendrix, as I mentioned in my intro. It came out a little after but was modeled on the early vintage sound of the phasers of that era used by these players)

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Tour & Demo of my Pedalboard on the Ned Steinberger CR Electric Violin

As I have been building my YouTube Channel recently, I have had a number of requests from fans and the electric string community to do a tour of my Electric Violin Pedalboard. This was released yesterday. I quickly demo the following pedals in my pedal chain (numbers refer to the timing in the video for quick reference):

1) Dunlop Crybaby Mini Wah – 2:54 and 15:59
2) Korg Pitchblack Guitar Pedal Chromatic Tuner – 3:37
3) Diamond Compressor Jr. Optical Compressor Pedal – 4:00
4) Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive Mod Overdrive Pedal – 5:19
5) Electro-Harmonix Pitch Fork Polyphonic Pitch Shifter – 7:39
6) Electro-Harmonix V256 Vocoder – 10:44
7) Strymon Mobius Multidimensional Modulation Pedal – 12:12
8) Source Audio Nemesis Delay Pedal – 14:18
9) Eventide Space Reverb Pedal – 17:06
10) Boss SY-300 Guitar Synthesizer – 18:41
11) Boomerang III Phrase Sampler Looper Pedal – 19:54

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Christmas in September, anyone?

JUST POSTED – this footage was captured LIVE last year on our “GLORY & PEACE” TOUR with the Trevor Dick Band – our 7/8 groove rendition of “HOSANNAH!” (Ding Dong Merrily on High).

From the “GLORY & PEACE” Double Christmas CD project (release date Nov. 2007). Recorded live (single audience mic) and three stationary cameras (including a go-pro over the kit) – Lincoln Road Church, Waterloo, ON, Canada – Dec. 11, 2016

PURCHASE / DOWNLOAD this song here:
Also available on every other key download site including iTunes.


The TREVOR DICK BAND (TDB) are: Trevor Dick (acoustic & electric violins), Jake Payne (keys), Tony Lind (guitars), Will Jarvis (bass) and Steve Heathcote (kit). With guest, Tina Newlove, live performance painter

CREDITS: Live Sound and Recording: Dale Clyne  Visuals: Aaron Dick
COPYRIGHT INFO: Arrangement by Trevor Dick & TDB.

My Story

Many of you who have seen me in concert have heard my story. This is the most complete taping to date (with some details I have never shared publicly), filmed by Heart Matters TV while on tour last year during the 15th Anniversary weekend of 9/11 in Gander, Newfoundland. Producer: Mike Snow.

I trust this brings you real hope and encouragement as you continue on your spiritual journey …

You can catch the complete show (as aired on National TV) with two additional live duo performances of “New World” and “Sparrow” here.

Until next time! T


The Launch of the Gayford Carbon Fiber “Strad” Violin

For those who have seen me in concert over the last year, I have been playing/touring with a new acoustic violin called the Gayford Carbon Fiber “Strad” Violin.  After four years of development, many many prototypes and trial and error/testing, Fred Gayford has officially launched his Carbon Strad Violin web site:

It has been a real privilege to work directly with Fred on the development of this violin, “test driving” many instruments, making suggestions along the way and introducing him to my network of industry professionals during the development process.

Each violin is named. I play the “Schmidt” violin, named after Fred’s good life-long friend who recently passed away. It has a powerful, clear, bold, beautiful concert sound. Carbon Fiber also is much less temperamental in some of Canada’s harsh touring weather.  Great for the concert and missionary work I do. This violin has even made it onto some remote Fairmeadow Studio recording projects recently. It records very nicely.

Here is the Gayford Carbon Strad “Schmidt” violin in action (from the Gayford YouTube Channel) with my composition, “The Calling” from a 2016 live performance. I am using a 4061 DPA lav headset mic:

Recently, I had the chance to visit Fred in his workshop in Cambridge, Ontario and was blown away by all the detailed R&D and painstaking work that it has taken him to get to this point. Every change, adaptation and rebuild has been documented.  I asked Fred if he had the documentation for the work and tweaks he has done on the “Schmidt” violin. He produced a one page document of every detail. Fred went on to show the documentation on his other instruments that have been built and sold around the World.

Congratulations to Fred Gayford on the successful launch of this new site and thank you for the gift of the “Schmidt” Carbon Fiber Strad!

With Fred Gayford and his Carbon Strad “Schmidt” Violin