A Special Birthday Gift

We have had a great day in Kingston as a family at Richard and Lorraine Cleaver’s … had another productive day tracking my electric violin in Richard’s studio – the pressure is off now – one more song to go tomorrow afternoon and a revisit to the others to make sure every note is 100% … as I said in my facebook profile update this morning: Family + Music + Food = A Great Birthday! The Cleaver’s surprised me with a cake after a pizza dinner (was trying to keep it a secret ;-).

Before heading off to Kingston, Muriel McGibbon, my mother-in-law surprised me with a special birthday gift – a quilt wall hanging she has lovingly designed for me out of a 20-year old collection of “music ties” I have received from music students, friends and family over the years. It is a true work of art. I stopped wearing ties around 5 years ago (they cut off the circulation when I play the violin) so now these ties have found a wonderful, permanent home in the new entrance to my basement studio. Thanks, mom!



Muriel McGibbon’s special gift to me – a unique, quilted wall hanging made out of 20 years of music ties.

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