A Productive Day 3 at Noble Street Studios

It was a very productive Day 3 at Noble Street Studios today. We tracked 4 songs: “Cançåo para Aaron”, “East”, “Sparrow” and “Mother’s Kiss”. We are all settling into a good rhythm and pace.

So far, I have only tracked on my two electric violins: the Cantini Midi 5-String and the Ned Steinberger 5-String. We ran two takes of “Cançåo para Aaron” (one on electric and the other on acoustic) and we chose the electric version – a better fit for that song.

The focus has not been on my violin tracks from these Noble Street Sessions. The nature of “bed tracks” however is to keep the best Drum, Bass, Piano and Rhythm Guitar takes (in that order of priority). For the most part, though, the space is very inspirational and I may keep a lot of what I am laying down which will save a significant amount of time later with regards to overdubs.

This album is not a safe album – it’s edgy, experimental and challenging material to play. The band (Steve Heathcote, Will Jarvis, Tony Lind and Brad Toews) are laying down some stunning performances. Spirits were high at the end of the day today. It is wonderful to capture these songs “live off the floor” in such a wonderful “noble” space!

“Digging in” in one of yesterday’s tracking sessions (click on the photo to access the full library of photos)

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