A Productive Day 2 and the Start of Day 3

Yesterday was a very productive Day 2 at Phase One Studios. We layed down the bed tracks of four more songs: “Yahweh”, “Passion”, “The Path” and “My Jesus, I Love Thee”. We plan to track 3 more songs today. Later this afternoon we will also be creating a live drum loop for “This I Know” and rehearsing a fresh version of “Everlasting God”. We are having a blast!


In the studio control room listening back to our bed tracks (from left to righ)t: Brad Toews, Steve Heathcote, Trevor Dick, Will Jarvis, Corey Lacey.


Making some more last minute changes to our charts …

Link to engineer, Richard Cleaver’s Site for more details. I also posted a video on my facebook yesterday of a “walk in” to the Phase One Studio A control room. Until tomorrow.  T  <><

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