A Bit Like a Dream …

Last week’s bed track sessions at Phase One feel a bit like a dream. We had a great final two days tracking the overdubs of bass and percussion on day’s 4 and 5. We more than met our goals. I am very pleased with the results so far – a beautiful warm sound and excellent playing from each band member.

This week I have been catching up on time with the family, teaching a little, doing some Flyingbow office work, setting up a few meetings and in the spaces thinking through the concept of the new album. We are leaning towards the title, “Yahweh” (The Eternal, self-existent “I AM” who brings all things into being) for this new CD and leaning towards a departure on the album graphics (more on this later).

Next on our list is to track the guitar overdubs, keyboards and of course my violin over the next month. I will be taking trips to Kingston to track the violin parts in Richard Cleaver’s home studio/control room.

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