A “Big Fat” Chinese Wedding … A First For Me

I like new experiences, I love different cultures … I especially enjoy interesting ethnic foods! All these things came together in a very cool culturally rich weekend. Corey Lacey (guitarist) and I were asked by Compassion Canada to provide the music for the wedding and traditional Chinese banquet of a young couple: Teresa and Caspian who were married on Saturday. Caspian and Teresa chose to donate the money they would have spent on guest “favors” to the amazing work of Compassion. They also encouraged the guests to sponsor a child as their wedding gift. I have played at many, many weddings (too many to count!) and this was a first for me of the Asian variety! This was also the first Compassion wedding. We had a great time. Here are some pics …


The wedding couple: Caspian and Teresa


Corey and I providing music at the reception hall …



The 10 course (yes TEN!) traditional Chinese wedding menu …


Yes … you read it right … roasted sucking pig with jelly fish on the side – like nothing I have tasted before …


Shark’s fin soup … a real delicacy … and did I hear endangered?


Greg from Compassion getting ready to eat a roasted chicken head … NOT!


“Seeing eye to eye” with the eye ball of a steamed Chinese fish (I DID eat this – tasted a bit like liver)

The next morning I had the honor of playing and speaking at the Scarborough Chinese Baptist Church with pastor Peter Quek in their beautiful new award winning Sanctuary and Community Center. It was another great morning of ministry. I continue to be amazed at how my instrumental music crosses so many language and cultural barriers …

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