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Accountable – takes responsibility for both actions & outcomes” … this is the word I have been reflecting on this week from a deck of cards that sit on my office desk in front of my iMAC.

These cards, produced by John Maxwell that I picked up at a leadership conference a few years back, deal with some important character & leadership principles. I flip through these cards weekly … each principle is boiled down to one word that helps me to stay focused on what is really important – all in the hope that in my responsibilities as a husband, dad, friend and worker – I will be a better leader. Accountability is an area where I feel many of us drop the ball – especially among men. In the last five years I have taken the initiative to put a few things in place in my life that have made a big difference in this area of my life: I meet weekly (usually on a Friday morning) with 2 other male accountability partners (Jim and Steve) where we go through a list of questions that challenge us to live lives of accountability. This is a safe environment to be open and honest with each other about those things we struggle with. We support and pray for each other. What a blessing this has been in my life. I am also extremely blessed to have a wife (Le-Anne) who I can talk to about anything – from who I keep no secrets. This has been another area of accountability that I highly value. In my work and music ministry (Flyingbow) I have set up a board of directors who not only are a big support, but also keep me accountable to my mission and vision. Most of all, though, I want to be accountable to God! When I read the bible, there are many stories of men and women who lived fruitful lives but then towards the end shipwrecked everything they had built. 99% of the time, this was due to a lack of accountability. I want to finish strong … I want to stay accountable.

A good article on Christian Accountability can be found here.

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