Trevor Dick Band – “New World”, Nominated for Three Covenant Awards



I am once more honoured to be nominated for three Covenant Awards with the Trevor Dick Band’s Jazz/World/Folk/Fusion project, “New World”. Thank you GMA Canada for this vote of confidence.

We were nominated in the following three categories:

INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM OF THE YEAR – Trevor Dick Band – New World  

INSTRUMENTAL SONG OF THE YEARIfriqiya (Music: Trevor Dick & The Trevor Dick Band)

ALBUM ARTWORK OF THE YEAR – Design by Shane Drever

A great team of artists/friends participated on this album: Brad Toews (keys), Will Jarvis (bass), Steve Heathcote (drums/percussion), Tony Lind (guitar), Richard Cleaver (engineer and co-producer), George Seara (mastering), Shane Drever (artwork/design), Ball Media Corporation (CD printing) and Flyingbow (funding/support).

Visit the TDB site here for more:

PRESS RELEASE: Award-winning Canadian world/jazz/folk/fusion electric violinist and bandmates announce their latest CD street launch – “NEW WORLD”


PRESS RELEASE – September 7, 2015: Award-winning Canadian world/jazz/folk/fusion electric violinist and bandmates announce their latest CD street launch – “NEW WORLD”

The Trevor Dick Band (TDB) fronted by Guelph, Ontario, Canada electric violinist, Trevor Dick are excited to announce the “street launch” of their long awaited CD project, New World, today (September 7/15) –

Coinciding with the release are a number of release concerts planned through 2015 into 2016, starting with their first release concert planned for Sept. 13/15, 6 Oshawa, Ontario at Calvary Church.

Award-winning instrumentalist Trevor Dick and his long-time bandmates have entered new territory with the introduction of the Trevor Dick Band’s debut album, New World. This world/jazz/folk fusion project with classical and modern pop/rock underpinning takes you from Africa to Latin America to Europe and North America, erasing all borders.  New World is interesting, experimental, and improvisational. It is complex music, yet accessible to the average listener.

“… That’s what this album is all about – that longing for adventure, that sense of creativity, the drive to explore new territories with reckless abandon.”

Mark Rheaume, of CBC Music writes, “… not many acts can blend so many sounds as easily as the Trevor Dick Band on NEW WORLD. Sonic sweetness from beginning to end. ”

TDB are gearing up to perform this music internationally at Folk, Jazz, Blues and World Music Festivals.

The “World Music Project” LAUNCHED this weekend!

The “World Music Project (WMP)” LAUNCHED this weekend!  Here is a little of the “back-story” from my perspective:

Approximately a year ago, I received a Facebook message from Jesús Cabrera, a young Dominican Film Composer/Musician/Producer now living in New York. He had seen some Youtube footage of me performing “Change the World” and was inviting me to be a part of a very unique collaboration of musicians from all over the world to produce a video of a song, “I Have A Dream”,  where each musician was to be featured on their instrument/voice. Each artist was sent the chart and basic bare-bones .mp3 of the song to play/song over and contribute to. Recording happened in professional and home recording studios … then each musician shot some video footage near a monument or location that represented their country.

Honestly, I entered this as a bit of a skeptic … a social media message out of the blue – a lofty dream of pulling together 30+ musicians globally to record a song – was this for real? …  what could come of this? I was also quite busy completing the Trevor Dick Band – NEW WORLD Project. Could I commit the time to this? I had lot’s of questions as did many others … but as we collaborated (encouraged by persistent messages from  Jesús) discussed and ironed out the details of the project (completely over a private Facebook group/forum) all the details were ironed out and the song slowly took shape.

I was invited early on in the project – so was quite involved and engaged in the full process from beginning to end. As I jumped in and recorded my string parts (on acoustic and 5-string electric violin/viola) I could see how others also jumped in.  On a trip to Ottawa (to visit Carleton University with my son, Kyle and family) Aaron and Kyle helped me shoot the video footage on Parliament Hill using my iPhone 5s.  Two other Canadians are featured in the project: Navid Goldrick (Oud, Alberta) and Richard Cleaver  (Audio Engineer, Ontario).  Richard (who has engineered my last three projects) did a another wonderful job mixing and mastering the project. You can read more of his perspective here.

WMP truly took on an exciting life of its own. Is it perfect … no … but there is truly something special about it – a young man who had a vision saw it come to life through persistence and collaboration with musical brothers and sisters from around the world.  It was a real honour to be a part of this. Here is the official video. My solo happens at 5:41.

As the web site describes it:

One World
One Song
One Sound
One Heart

The WORLD MUSIC PROJECT is a collaboration of musicians from all over the world, playing a whole variety of common and rare instruments, working together on one song.

Together, they hope to show how music, creativity and love can unite us as a people, beyond boundaries of geography, culture and language.


The ONLINE Launch of Trevor Dick Band “NEW WORLD” dropped TODAY!



Dear Friends!

I am excited to announce that the ONLINE LAUNCH of the Trevor Dick Band “New World” dropped TODAY – available with our online partner, CD Baby. DOWNLOAD your copy today HERE.  Please help us spread the word about this release by forwarding, sharing or tweeting this post.

NEW WORLD will also be rolled out on many other online download sites over the next few weeks, including iTunes.

NEW WORLD Bonus Materials:
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The journey begins  …  TDB

… That’s what this album is all about – that longing for adventure, that sense of creativity, the drive to explore new territories with reckless abandon … We live in an incredible World, full of wonder, beauty, ugliness, sanctity, mystery, complexity and brokenness.  Deep down, this music also comes from a place of faith and hope in a new, restored World.

April 21/15 – PRESS RELEASE – Local Electric Violinist Receives Endorsement By World-Renowned Instrument Maker





This Press Release just went out to local media:

Local violinist, Trevor Dick, is endorsed/featured by world renowned electric string maker, Ned Steinberger of NS Design

After NS Design founder Ned Steinberger saw local jazz/world/pop violinist Trevor Dick using a Steinberger violin in a YouTube video, he added Dick to the company’s roster of musicians where he is presently the featured artist:

Dick was recording a solo improv track on a Steinberger CR 5-string violin for the upcoming Trevor Dick Band CD New World. He started using the instrument in 2006 while preparing for the launch of his Glory & Peace Christmas CD.

“I was really impressed with the sound of the instrument,” he says. “Also, it feels really natural and easy to play with a sophisticated ergonomic headless design.”

The Steinberger violin plays a key role in the Trevor Dick Band’s newest CD, New World, which is planned to be released in the fall. The instrument takes a lead role in the band’s arrangement of Eric Clapton’s “Change the World” and both the “East of Sinai – Prelude” and “East of Sinai” tracks.

“Paired with a complete rebuild of my pedal board, this instrument has enabled me to attain the sound a pallet of tones I’d been searching for,” says Dick.

Instrument designer Ned Steinberger began creating the unique-looking instruments in the mid-1970s, starting with the Spector NS bass guitar. Soon musicians like bass player Geddy Lee (Rush) and guitarist Eddy Van Halen (Van Halen) were seen using Steinberger instruments. In 1990, Steinberger founded NS Design ( to develop electric string instruments, focusing on bowed instruments: violin, viola, cello and double bass.

For more information contact: Trevor Dick:
Written by: Robert White –

Just launched! “Fairmeadow Studio :: String Recording Services”

With over 20 years of recording experience and a background in arranging and orchestration, I have decided to launch online string recording services on violin, viola and cello from my home recording studio – Fairmeadow Studio.  I also plan to do more professional and home studio string session work in the region.  I really love the interaction, creativity and energy of recording.  Visit the new Fairmeadow Studio :: String Recording Services page here.


Bruce Stacey’s Home Studio
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Richard Cleaver, Ken Vandevrie, Ian Tanner and Darryl Kingdon

Kurtis Vandevrie, Ken Vandevrie, Richard Cleaver, Trevor Dick and Kevin O’Leary


A Rare Airport Security X-Ray of my Two Violins!

Yesterday, at the tail end of a little Southern Manitoba tour, the Winnipeg Airport Security x-Ray technician snapped this photo of my two violins (George Craske acoustic and Ned Steinberger CR 5-String) snuggled together in their double violin case.

I travel/tour a fair bit and have always wanted to capture a shot like this of my instruments, but know it would be a serious breach of security to do so … so I asked the security guard if he would take a picture for me on my iPhone … and he did! I think he must be a fan of the violin/fiddle. I hope it did not cost him his job!

Until next time. T


St. Patrick’s Day :: Weather Network Exclusive – “Behind the Scenes”

Today, the Weather Network (Canada), play an exclusive Irish styled fiddle tune I recorded last week for St. Patrick’s Day. Here is a little bit of the “behind the scenes” footage of the recording process. Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Violin/Fiddle: Trevor Dick
Engineer/Producer: Ken Vandevrie
iPhone Video Footage: Trevor Dick
GoPro Video Footage: Kurtis Vandevrie